Sterling Silver Stegosaurus European Style Charm Bracelet

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This delightfully whimsical stegosaurus charm bracelet is in the European style. The entire bracelet, including all beads and the charm is 925 sterling silver.

Here's how it is put together: The sterling silver dinosaur charm is securely attached to my Magic Zoo European bead that has a large, 4 1/2mm hole. This is then slipped onto the sterling silver flex bracelet.

Next four decorative sterling silver beads are added on either side of the Magic Zoo bead with the charm. Next 2 handcrafted sterling silver pebble style beads are added. To finish off the design and keep everything in place, I add 2 shiny silver stopper beads on either side of the pebble beads. This bracelet will arrive ready to wear!

Want to add additional beads? The flexible sterling silver bracelet has with two little screw-on beads on each end. All you have to do is unscrew these beads and slip on extra beads whenever you want!

The bracelet measures 7 1/2” and fits most wrist sizes up to a medium-large.