Name Tags With 3 Pewter Animals

Pewter name badges with three animals are both striking in appearance and very durable. Here’s an opportunity to put several of your favorite animals and/or symbols on one pewter name tag! I know it can sometimes be hard to choose between designs so I offer this alternative with many different combinations of designs. Height is 1¼” and width is 3¼”.

If there’s a combination of three designs you think would work well and you don’t find them pictured here, just email me your idea. If your three favorite pewter animal choices will all fit on one name badge then I’m happy to customize you a name tag at no extra charge. All variations are at the name tags home page.

Of course you can also help me create a one-of- a-kind polymer clay three animal name badge for you by going to the custom polymer clay 3 animal name tag section and following the directions on how to order it. These name badges have a rather different look and price as they are each individually handcrafted by me. (No casting or molds involved.) The custom name badge section is where you would have the opportunity to get badges with the exact animals or pets you would like on your badge done from your photos. The clay one animal name badge page is also a good place to look.

The three pewter animals name tag is a fun yet professional badge that would be suitable for your entire clinic, and everyone can have his or her own individual combinations of designs which makes it a bit more like wearing jewelry than a name tag.