Custom Polymer Clay Pet Designs

Polymer clay animal jewelry is made from a wonderful material. It is lightweight, practically unbreakable, and so colorful and pretty. I can create almost anything from this clay!

How long do custom designs take?

I love making one-of-a-kind custom animal clay jewelry! I’ve created hundreds of custom designs over the years, and continue to be asked to create new ones on a weekly basis. Do you have a favorite animal or pet? I can make you a custom design from a photograph. All you have to do is order your one of a kind piece in our shopping cart, and then email me a photograph to

Custom designs will take a little longer to complete than my other jewelry, but you should have your special piece(s) within two weeks. Sometimes I can get them done a bit sooner. And of course let me know if this is for a special occasion and you need it in a rush. Oftentimes I can do that. All of my custom jewelry is guaranteed. You must love your one of a kind piece or I will either redo them or I will refund the purchase price.

Can I order them all year round?

I make my custom animal and pet designs almost all year round. But in December, I am busy all month with an art show in Texas and cannot make any custom designs then. So if you would like something special for a holiday gift, be sure to order it in October or November so you have plenty of time! The last day to order custom clay pet jewelry for the holidays is November 25. Also, a couple of other times during the year I am traveling to shows, and won’t be able to make your custom design until I’m back in the studio. When I receive your order, I’ll let you know if it will be a while until I can get your order done.