Name Tags With 2 Clay Animals

The name tags with two animals in colorful polymer clay are fun and playful, but yet professional enough to use in the clinic environment. I make each clay animal myself and work to give each one a unique personality! (You can go to three clay animal name badges if you prefer).

I tried to select pairs of animals that have been frequently requested and offer them in the online store so that there would be a nice selection of combinations you could order easily . The number of combinations is vast so do let me know if you have a special request for a two animal clay name tag. The tag size is 1¼” x 3¼”.

The polymer clay is very durable and won’t shatter if the badge falls on something. They can be cleaned with a small amount of mild soap and a soft cloth or toothbrush when they get dirty. Over the years these have proven to be durable while maintaining their original color and appearance. Some of my first clay badges are still in use.

I have quite a few possibilities available in the two clay animal name badge section. If you are searching for a certain combination of animals that aren’t here, then you could still order a unique clay name badge with two animals on the custom clay name badge page. See name tags by The Magic Zoo for all the possibilities.

NOTE TO THE CUSTOMERS WHO CURRENTLY ORDER: Vet clinics who have been placing polymer clay name badge orders with me for a while, just call or email me as I have special price arrangements for my loyal customers.