Valentine Jewelry

Valentine Jewelry

Whenever February the fourteenth approaches, it’s time to get creative and shop for something your love will be able to use for the entire year.

Instead of giving your beloved an unhealthy box of sugary chocolates, how about a beautiful pair of sterling silver or 14k gold post earrings with a sweet little paw print in the middle? Or a wonderful name badge for your favorite veterinary professional with a paw print heart in pewter?

What kind of Valentine’s Day jewelry would you expect from The Magic Zoo? Of course my heart jewelry offerings are going to be involved with things like animal pet paws and horse shoes! (For horse lovers I have a lovely heart with a horse shoe which is available as a charm, pair of earrings or a pendant.)

I remember Valentine’s Day as being a time to decorate a shoebox with red and white paint. I then cut a little slit in the lid and took it to school along with the package of valentines for my class mates. (The shoebox was where all the kids kept the valentines that were exchanged.) Valentines Day was also the day Mom baked a heart shaped cake with pink frosting to have for dessert after supper.

Now we have different traditions, and I hope Magic Zoo jewelry can be a part of yours.

Happy Valentines Day to all you animal loving sweethearts!