Name Tags With 1 Clay Animal

My name tags with one polymer clay animal are playful and fun, but still professional enough to wear every day to work. (If you can't narrow it down to one, try the section of two clay animals on a name tag or go visit all name badges by The Magic Zoo.)

I make each one of this style individually by hand from very durable polymer clay. 1¼” x 3¼” is the plate size.

You could select an animal that you see alot in your practice such as a dog name badge or a cat name badge or go for a tag that is a personal pet or favorite of yours. I can truly make any animal so don't let these choices limit you. I just needed to select a finite number of popular selections so that the time to order a badge online stayed reasonable. Email me if you need something not shown.

The clay holds up very well and won’t break apart like a ceramic cup if the badge hits the floor They can even be gently cleaned with a bit of detergent, warm water and an old soft toothbrush if they get dirty.

There are quite a few options available in the one clay animal name tag. If you are looking for a specific animal that you don’t find here, then you can request a clay name badge in my custom clay name tag section.

NOTE TO MY CUSTOMERS OF LONG STANDING: If you are one of my current clay name badge customers and have been ordering polymer clay name badges for your vet clinic for a year or so, please email or get in touch with me by phone as I'll be glad to work out special arrangements with you allowing you to keep on ordering the name tags you need.