Name Tags With 2 Pewter Animals

I have many different combinations available in my section with "two animal pewter name tags". There are a number of cats, dogs, exotics and symbols. (Such as the two different caduceus designs and the paw print design.) In fact, if you see a couple of designs you would like together and they aren’t pictured as a pair on this page, you can email me a special request and if the two designs will fit on a badge I will create it especially for you at no extra cost. If you can't narrow it down, try my pewter name tags with three animals. Dimensions measure 1¼” x 3¼”.

Pewter looks great on either the gold toned or silver toned name plates and wears extremely well with no maintenance other than an occasional cleaning with a soft cloth. Since the pewter animals are cast from my models they were conceived of as a lower cost alternative to my clay name badges which are totally hand done by me without molds. However, many of my customers think they are very classy looking and prefer them to the clay. I agree that they look great! See them all at the name badge home page.

The option of having two designs on a name badge is wonderful for a veterinary professional who sees more than one species in his or her practice, or just has a special love for two different animals.

These to pewter animal name badges are fun but still quite professional. They definitely add an interesting touch to the atmosphere of your veterinary clinic and have started many a conversation between staff and pet owners!