Halloween Jewelry

Halloween Jewelry

Do you wear Halloween jewelry? I think people who work in a job dealing with the public would have a good time dressing up with some holiday jewelry just for the fun of it.

My bat jewelry might just fill the bill for All Hallow’s Eve. I didn’t design them to be especially scary looking, and I am rather fond of bats, ecologically speaking. But for better or for worse, bats are associated with Halloween and they would be a fun choice of earrings for that time of year.

When we were kids, my mom, the artist, would create absolutely wonderful costumes for us four kids. One year we were a family of clowns, with hand made costumes that she must have spent months creating. Bright colors accented with colorful rick rack and frilled collars. But that was just the beginning! Having also had experience in the theatre, mom made us up with theatrical paint, and we went trick or treating around the neighborhood looking like escaped midgets from Ringling Brothers. I never once had a store bought costume growing up. That would’ve been unthinkable in our house!

Our grand daughter seems to be following in that grand tradition. Last year Ada’s mom made her a monster costume complete with a tail that she was thrilled with. She loved her trick or treat experience and occasionally reminds us that “Halloween is coming up.”

My Halloween offering is this line of bat jewelry, and who knows, perhaps some goblins or witches might make it into my store by next October 31st!