Name Tags With 1 Pewter Animal

You can choose one of my "one pewter animal" name tags from a pretty large selection! I have quite a few different dog breeds, a couple different cat possibilities and some exotic animals as well. The pewter name badges look very professional and the color of the pewter works equally well on a gold or silver tone plate. They are 1 1/4” x 3 1/4. Veterinarians and vet techs who own them relay us many nice comments about these badges that they hear from the pet owners who visit their practice.

Included in this section is a nice looking caduceus symbol for the veterinarian and one for a vet tech. I also have a pewter paw print and a dog cat combination design that are  nice generic pieces for a practice that handles both cats and dogs.

Pewter is a wonderful metal-it has a bit of a silver look but the finish is not as bright. It doesn’t tarnish, but will age nicely.

Since I do have a large selection of name badges with one pewter animal, caduceus or paw print, you will probably be able to find something for everyone in your clinic. If you are interested in a breed or animal you don’t see included in this section visit my animal name badges, my pewter two animal badge section or you can order a custom polymer clay badge and I’ll be happy to make you one that is a truly unique name badge from a photograph of your favorite pet or animal.