Easter Jewelry

Easter Jewelry

As for Easter jewelry, my rabbit jewelry would be a delightful way to say “Happy Easter!” to someone special. (Much easier than presenting the real thing, although I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about house rabbits recently!)

I’ve created two different styles of rabbit jewelry in my Easter jewelry collection. One I refer to as bunny jewelry just to avoid confusion with the rabbit jewelry. They have two very different looks. And each rabbit or bunny style comes in a pair of rabbit or bunny earrings, a pendant, a charm or a pin pendant.

Of course these would be great to wear any time of the year, whether or not it’s close to this holiday. You can certainly be a rabbit lover without even celebrating Easter!

When I was a child I had a bit of confusion about the Easter bunny. I thought he brought us our baskets full of jellybeans, eggs and other delights. But how would one little bunny take care of the whole neighborhood? This was never resolved. I don’t even know if that’s still the predominant myth, or if it’s been supplanted.

My other favorite Easter memory is of the beautiful eggs my mom would create for us. She eliminated the inside of the eggs by pricking each end and blowing the yolk and white out, then washing them off. Next she painted wonderfully glamorous faces on the eggs, complete with Easter bonnets! Life growing up with an artist was always an adventure in creation.

Enjoy my wonderful Easter jewelry in a variety of rabbit styles.