Custom Name Tags Clay Animals

Here’s where you can let your imagination go wild and order a custom name tag of your favorite pet or combination of animals!

I make each clay animal by hand from a photograph of a favorite pet which you can email or snail mail to me. The photograph should be quite clear as I need to really SEE the animal in order to recreate the likeness for you on a name badge. If the eye color isn’t clear, please note the color for me. As for the size, 1¼” x 3¼” are the name tag dimensions.

Should you be interested in wild animals or even extinct ones, I have an extensive library of animal photos and there are even more on the Internet, so we can always find a photo that captures the animal in a way that pleases you and use that to evolve the custom jewelry design.

All animals are created in the durable polymer clay, which is quite long lasting. I even do free repairs in the event of damage that might occur while on the job, dealing with sometimes rambunctious animals!

Over the years I’ve made a quite a number of custom name tags for my customers-everything from an aardvark to a Maine coon cat and “beyond”. I guarantee your satisfaction with the custom animal or animals that I create for you on your name badge.

I want to make a design for you that you’ll be proud to wear and that really “feels” like the animal’s personality that I’ll strive to capture. Feel free to explore at animal name tags where you will find styles like name badges with one pewter animal.