Sterling Silver Poodle Body Charm on European Style Charm Bracelet

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This sweet faced poodle body charm bracelet is a unique, European charm bracelet design. The poodle itself measures 1 1/4" from tip of tail to top of head and is not quite 1/2" from back of the head to the tip of the nose.

Here's how the bracelet is put together:

The sterling silver poodle charm is securely attached to my Magic Zoo European-style bead. This sterling silver bead (with an inside hole measuring 4 1/2mm) is slipped onto the sterling silver European-style flex bracelet.

Next I add four decorative sterling silver beads on either side of the Magic Zoo European-style bead with the shorkie charm. To finish off the design and keep every thing in place, 2 shiny silver stopper beads are placed on either side of the decorative beads. It will come to you assembled and ready to wear!

The flex sterling silver European-style bracelet comes with two little screw on beads on either end. That way you can add more beads later on if you wish.

The bracelet is 7 1/2” and fits most wrist sizes up to a medium.