Sterling Silver Monkey Friendship Necklace

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This cheeky sterling silver monkey friendship necklace is made for best friends, lovers, or ??? The tails can be twined together, but of course they are worn separately by each person. The price you see is for both monkey pendants since they are not sold separately.

The pendants each measure about 2 1/8" tall from tail tip to top of head and are about 1/2" from ear to ear.

They can be worn with your own chains, of course. But if you need to add a chain or two, copy and paste the following chain lengths into the search box to select the size(s) you need, then add them to the cart along with your monkey necklace:

16" chain -

18" chain -

20" chain -

22" chain -

 Let me know if you have any questions about this unique design!