Sterling Silver Yorkie Angel Pandora-Style Bracelet

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I created this Pandora-style Yorkie angel bracelet for any Yorkie lover, especially one whose beloved companion has made the journey over the rainbow bridge.

The Pandora-style bead was created just for The Magic Zoo! If you look carefully, you will see the letters MZ going all the way around the bead in an attractive design. The outside diameter of the bead is approximately 8mm. The hole in the Magic Zoo bead is about 4.24 mm. So it fits the standard Pandora-style or European-style charm bracelet.

The bracelet comes with the Yorkie angel attached to this custom Magic Zoo sterling silver bead. It will be arranged on this flex type sterling silver bracelet. Four sterling silver decorative beads will also be added, to give this design beauty and substance. I also include 2 sterling silver "stopper beads" to keep everything in place. The design of the silver decorative beads may vary somewhat, depending on what I have in stock. But the overall look will be the same, and I promise will be quite lovely.

The bracelet itself fits easily up to a wrist size of 7" measured just below the wrist bone. That is my hand size, but it would fit a slightly larger or smaller wrist as well. The Yorkie angel pendant is about 1" from wing tip to wing tip and approximately 3/4" tall.