Lapel Pins

Pet Lapel Pins and Animal Tie Tacks

My pet lapel pins make wonderful gifts for animal lovers. Not everyone wears earrings or pendants (especially men) but everyone can wear a lapel pin. Choose from my large array of pewter lapel pins or my smaller selection of sterling silver and gold tie tacks. All are handmade lapel pins, made to be worn again and again. The pewter lapel pins can even be used as hat or backpack pins, and the gold and silver tie tacks are more suitable for ties or heavier cloth.

My animal tie tack section has grown by leaps and bounds. I started designing them a couple of years ago as an inexpensive alternative to some of my other jewelry. I never dreamed my lapel pins would become so popular!

I’ve tried to cover a lot of popular animal designs, so you’ll find a number of popular dog breeds, some cats, some exotics like parrots and iguanas, and even a monkey! I’ll certainly be adding designs as time goes by, so if you haven’t found any of your favorite tie tacks, check back later and you just might find it.

As soon as the inspiration strikes me, watch out!