Pandora Style Hippo Charm Bracelet

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Hippos are fascinating animals. Large and sometimes fierce, they are also unique and lend themselves well to different forms of art. As a fellow wild animal lover, I'm guessing you have a place in your heart for hippos as well. The sterling silver hippo charm is attached to my own unique Magic Zoo Pandora-style bead. This sterling silver bead and charm is slipped onto the sterling silver Pandora-style flex bracelet. Next two decorative sterling silver beads are added to either side of the Magic Zoo Pandora-style bead. To finish off the design and keep every thing in place, 2 shiny silver stopper beads are placed on either side of the decorative beads. It will come to you assembled and ready to wear! The little balls on either end of the flex bracelet screw on and off. That way you can add additional beads whenever you want. The bracelet is 7 1/2” and fits most wrist sizes up to a medium. Would you like a different sterling silver Magic Zoo animal charm on your bracelet? Contact me through the website, or call me at 800-670-3703. Any one of my sterling silver charms can be made into a lovely European-style bracelet similar to the one you see here.